Mermaid – Shelly


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Shelly is a pretty mermaid fresh from the sea! Her had is totally hand-painted and is one of a kind. She has pretty blue eyes and blonde curly hair tied to the side with a rose. She has a pink spotty top decorated with an embroidered flower and a pink spotty fishtail which bends at the hips and knees.

She is completely child friendly, however there are some small parts such as buttons at the arm joints so may not be suitable for under 3’s. She is approximately 50cm (20″) tall.

These dolls are a one-off item and will not be replicated as they are all handmade individually, no two dolls are the same so you can be sure your doll is unique.

Your doll can be personalised with a little wooden heart on a ribbon to hang around her neck with that special name or message – please contact me for more information.

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