About Me…

We live in Wiltshire, a beautiful county in Southern England.
I have always loved dolls and bears, but it was late in 2010 that I had a go at making my first doll and fell in love with the process! I love all things handmade but most especially dolls, bears and other cuddly things (and I also have a weak spot for lovely bags). Beautiful fabrics are my biggest weakness and now instead of sneaking in a pair of shoes, I find myself sneaking in batches of fabric! My husband just rolls his eyes and asks how much fabric a person needs rather than how many pairs of shoes (and the answer is never enough of either fabric or shoes)! The upside of that used to be that I would spend most of my free time sewing leaving him in full control of the TV remote, so everybody was happy! But, because we got so busy I taught my hubby, Nick, to sew last summer and he’s now a dab hand and helps me with some of the sewing and all of the stuffing (he has the cheek to quality control MY stuffing now)! He’s even got his own sewing machine!
The inspiration for my dolls come mainly from small children and more recently my little grandaughter Gracie, they have such lovely, cute clothes that I just have to try and copy. There is something very special about seeing a child all snuggled up with a handmade doll which is totally unique.
I remember being small and absolutely loving dressing and un-dressing my dolls, so my new range of dolls, the Cloudberry dolls, all have removable clothing and outfits for sale separately.
I hope you enjoy looking at this site, if there is anything you feel we can help you with, please just drop me an email via the contact page or come and see me at one of the shows I am at throughout the year, it would be lovely to hear from you!